An auditor should provide business value-not drain the bottom line. At Lockhat Incorporated, our audit practice revolves around saving our clients money and unlocking potential opportunities. Most business owners prefer to focus on operations, opportunities and the information they need to get ahead-not on formal financial statements with footnotes and reactionary advice. We aim to be proactive about your business, helping you to run your business better and solve problems before they arise. Our experts will work directly with the business owner or financial manager to help unlock your company’s full potential.

  • Financial statement audits
  • Forensic Audits (we work in conjunction with attorneys)
  • IT General Controls Audits
  • Agreed upon procedures audit engagements
  • Attorneys Trust Account Audits
  • Estate Agents Trust Account Audits
  • Investigatory audits
  • Computer operating system audits
  • IT Governance and Network Vulnerability reviews
  • Tax Audits, SARS queries up to and including litigation level