At Lockhat Incorporated we pride ourselves in adhering to the following principles


  • For Our Clients: To prove as valuable to our clients as they are to us by delivering the greatest level of integrity, quality of work, urgency and leadership.
  • For Our Staff: To provide an environment to achieve, where each team member is treated with respect and given the tools to succeed and grow.
  • For Our Business Partners: To create professional relationships with other trusted advisors that lead to a high level of engagement, trust and referral relationships.


Client Promise:

In fulfilling our mission, we honor a two part client promise:

  • Personal service: Lockhat Incorporated provides clients of all sizes a level of personal, skilled and professional service unmatched in the profession. The director is always available to consult with and help clients solve problems.
  • Staff Continuity: Once Lockhat Incorporated begins an engagement, the personnel who work with that client bring extraordinary continuity, which contributes to a strong performance.