We value that many businesses consider any expenditure very strictly to determine cost vs value added to the business. The industry practice is to compute our fees on the basis of the time spent on your affairs by our directors and staff and on the levels of skill, responsibility, seniority and investment in IT technology involved. In order to assist our clients, we offer the following billing methods:



This is the default billing methodology and one which is applied to most work performed at our offices. Time spent by different members of our staff are charged to your account by way of timesheets and you are billed at periodic intervals (usually when a task is completed or monthly in the case of consulting).


A fixed price is charged for the performance of a standard task, eg WCA submissions, VAT and PAYE submissions.


This is a fee we charge based on an expected result.  It is most often charged in the case of value added activities performed by us, which include submission of a loan application or a business plan to a review committee.  Our fee is based either partly or wholly on the outcome of the event in question.


This is most often a set monthly amount which is payable to us in order to reserve our monthly participation in regularly required tasks or can also be used to refrain us from servicing other parties that pose a conflict to your business.